Expression, a math based puzzle

Your goal is to write a mathematical expression with the tiles available on screen, so that the expression matches the result shown after the "=" symbol on the bottom line.

You can use some of the tiles or all of them. If you manage to write a correct expression made up of every available tile, you'll get a skip point, which allows you to skip a level if you find it too difficult.

Note that you can concatenate the "+" and "-" operators: 

[2++3 = 2+3 = 5] [6--3 = 6-(-3) = 9]

Have fun!


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I'm missing something?

Hi! The correct result should be -320 (with the minus sign), while your expression evaluates to 320. The correct expression in this case would be -6x54-(-3)-(-1); as you can see you can concatenate multiple minus signs to make them act as + signs. Hope this helps :)

I am blind... haha Great game by the way!